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If you are a company looking to diversify your Learning & Development program, consider the options below.
Custom-tailored, data-laden, hands-on and presented by a top 10 fragrance documentarist, these workshops make for an informative, fun, and rare exposure to an industry that's rarely unraveled.

Capacity : 10-15

Pricing: per person


#didyouknow that most of last century's main events (wars, depressions, natural disasters, cultural revolutions, and technological advancements) had resounding echoes in—and greatly affected—the evolution of perfumery? 


This 90m session takes you through the main milestones in the recorded history of fragrance, and uses the last 100 years of perfumery to demonstrate, decade by decade, how things havee changed. 



NOTE: the demo makes use of authentic fragrances in their original presentation bottles and of museum quality. Due to their incredible scarcity, workshop cannot be held for more than 15 people at a time.


Capacity: 15- 25

Pricing: per person


With the advent of online shopping and education, increased mobility of perfumers and suppliers, and the new phenomenon of social media influencers, perfumery took a turn towards diversity, interdisciplinarity, and.... downright discord. 


This 90m session will exemplify in vivo—and explain—the differences between classic and niche perfumery, and will answer the following: 

- what are the elements that define niche?  

- what are the main misconceptions about classic and niche perfumery? 

- what are the most scandalous aspects of the market today? 

- why should we care? 



NOTE: the demo makes use of about 20 authentic niche & designer fragrances, in their original presentation bottles and of pristine quality.  


Capacity: 20

Pricing: per person


#didyouknow that a classicaly-trained Maitre Parfumeur  operates with up to 4,000 ingredients, while an attar master only uses about 400? 


This 2h session walks you through the major styles of perfumery while exemplifying some of the most famous (or, in same cases, infamous) ingredients in perfumery, from animalic naturals (like musk) to lab-created moleculars (like the aldehydes in Chanel 5). 


NOTE: the demo makes use of about 30 authentic niche & designer fragrances, in their original presentation bottles and of pristine quality. All participants will walk away with a self-decanted miniature of their favorite fragrance. 


Capacity:  50

Pricing: per session


This 60m live session takes participants through some of the most obscure, scandalous, or counterintuitive #funfacts about scent and olfaction through a very lively, interactive, multiple-choice online contest! 


The participant with the highest score wins a one-on-one consultation and a custom-built exploration package. 



NOTE 1: Game On can be organized in person as well as online.

NOTE 2: Option available to extend game session by another 30-60m dedicated to open, live, Q/A. 

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