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Researcher profile

In the ever-expanding world of fast reviews and first impressions, I'm a slow writer.

I research, test, contextualize, and speak about olfaction in cross-disciplinary materials that are free, ad-free, and almost entirely self-supported. 


My goal is:

- to document the social role of smell and its evolution across time, geographies, and vertical disciplines 

- to support perfumery-as-art through mass education

- and to improve on the politics of scent through supporting better industry practices, more journalistic transparency, and a better Codes of Ethics to guide us all.

Areas of 


Big Data + Qualitative research

Designed and periodically distribute a qualitative research form to collect information from perfumers and brands. Results are compiled and integrated with intelligence from the Big Data field; the cross-disciplinary insights are currently used for: 

  • anthropological studies (next to be published spring of 2024)

  • in-depth journalistic investigations (perfumer profilings)

  • go-to-market services for new brands (concept exploratory work, go-to-market)

  • expert contributions to external platforms (interviews given on state of the market, online consumer behavior, and perfumery-related mindspace issues)


New projects

  • largest location-enabled resource aggregator in the world. In development

  • GTM strategy consulting &. concept writing for new fragrance house. In Stealth

  • new lecture series on history of scent in collaboration with Oakland museum 

  • pilot curriculum to introduce smell in a classroom setting. In development


A Nose Knows

Small, dedicated, mostly-expert community of about 9000. 

2020 PP_Finalist_Small.jpeg


Nas de Nas

Created, and maintain, the largest Romanian-language fragcomm in the world (15,000 and growing). Main educational content creator, through:


Feb 2021, June 2022, June 2023


- Market insight on Fragrance Retail in Digital Age

- Panelist on Promoting Artisan Fragrance in a Digital World

- Panelist on Tools of the Trade presentation, alongside Michael Edwards et alii. Content repurposed in 1-1 interview, to be found here


Mar 2020 & 2021

The Perfumed Plume Awards

Quadruple finalist with A Nose Knows content, in two categories:

- InstaStories (with the first ever video admitted in a photo category)

- Visualisation of Perfume Stories, Print & Digital (with 2 out of 4 total nominations, for articles written and illustrated with original art in CaFleureBon)

Nov 2019


Public speaker engagement as one of top 10 fragrance influencers in the world. 

Pe scena la ScentXplore, im New York, cu

Sep 2019


Aldehydes in perfumery (It's chemistry, baby) article becomes one of top 3 best read materials in all 10 years of CaFleureBon.  

Oct 2018- on

Nas de Nas

Romanian-language community page surpasses all other online platforms publishing Ro content focused on fragrance. Nation-wide press coverage examples: 

Giving back

GIFTING- A #passitforward approach

- every week I share one bottle of my collection with my Ro community, via Nas de Nas page

- all exploration kits I buy or receive are shared and sent for testing to the communal traveling box serving my fragcomm. 

CHARITY AUCTIONS- twice a year, I hold charity auctions with donated fragrant items (perfume, cologne, candles, oils, kits, etc.).

All money is donated to practical projects that support access to education in Eastern Europe- so far, we've accomplished the following: 

- we equipped and insured access to schooling for 8 minority kids in an underserved community outside Bucharest (auction video here)

- we updated and refilled textbook and library stock for 3 schools in the Rep. of Moldova (video results here and here)

- we provided supplies and transportation services for 7 highschoolers in need for the 2019-2020 school year (receipt for December 2019, here)

- sponsored the opening costs for the communal afterschool/therapy space in a #CasaBuna project, currently housing Ukrainian refugees in Chisinau, Rep. Moldova

If you want to contribute, we accept donations throughout the year- just get in touch. 

Skills to share

Concept writing  Creative writing    Reviews    Evaluation    Public speaking
Content strategy 
  Creative initiatives  Market research  

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