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From AI theory to APMs and beyond: 7 things to watch for on Systems of Intelligence

In 2007, Dick Cheney used a pacemaker with wireless communication capabilities, and forever shamed the lack of imagination of early AI critiques.

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guest article

Without stream processing, there’s no big data and no Internet of things

The Internet of things has been on everyone’s lips (and pen) lately, as the biggest new source of money, customer product innovation, investment opportunities, and Sci-Fi-worthy stories (like those of everyone who’s part of the Cyborg Foundation — really, look it up).

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whitepaper (synopsis)

AIOps for Business Leaders

Between Cloud adoption, new technologies (IoT devices, machine agents, APIs, etc.), worldwide changes in consumer behaviors, and the overall shift of pace in innovation and deployment, the traditional IT model has come to the transdisciplinary impasse we now call digital transformation.

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industry guide

​What can APM do for IoT?

The majority of users (71%) expect apps to load within three seconds, and 63% will abandon an app that takes more than five seconds to load—all while holding security as top feature in overall performance. What gives? 

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pitch > presentation abstract

Keeping your head in the clouds is a good idea

What do enterprise data warehouses, Hadoop clusters, and relational databases all have in common?

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press release

Industry Analyst Firm Names SQLstream a Strong Performer in Streaming Analytics Report


SQLstream cited for making “streaming easy and blazing fast” in report evaluating 13 of the most significant vendors for streaming analytics. 

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guest article

Three Reasons to be Scared of the Internet of Things

We know the Internet of Things forecasts: 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Apparently, there’s huge money to be made from fridges reordering groceries, wearables speaking to doctors, and home systems chatting with cars.

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IoT and the Age of the User

Things on the Internet? Not without the consumer. Read more on the latest IoT trends and why safety, relevance, and performance are key factors for IoT success.

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Tech copy + info design

battle card

Alarm IQ

Guavus Alarm IQ uses advanced analytics and AI to understand and predict which alarms are truly important and will actually impact customer experience. Here are all the facts.

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video script

What is Streaming Analytics? 

SQLstream CEO Damian Black explains how streaming analytics works.


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case study

Rubicon: Streaming Analytics for Advertising Exchange

Automated advertising service goes from 180 nodes and 3h delays to 5 servers streaming analytics on the entire load, continuously and in real time.

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theater play abstract

Eighth voyage of Sindbad

Many speak of the circularity and the completeness of the Sindbad symbol- the man, the sailor, the adventurer; the leader, the problem-solver, the individual proof of resilience; the smart, the capable, the agile; the hero. 


This play won’t.

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creative review (Plume Awards finalist)

The Village Disco: Vilhelm Parfumerie Poets Of Berlin

I had just finished 7th grade and my father, tired of my thirst for grand summer entertainment and slightly worried about the innocent mind/ womanly shape combo I had barely started to display, decided I needed to learn German.

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