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Reviewer's pledge

I do not, and will not, support gray area business practices.

Thus, I pledge (and reserve the right to): 

- only cover what I believe to be educational, useful, or entertaining at no cost to others; 

- refuse to review based on the above, and/or personal circumstances; 

- be truthful about the sourcing of my samplers and my impressions of them;

- #keepitreal + #keepitkind;

- support small producers and clean business practices first;

provide free education;

- never ask for money, favors, or items in exchange for a positive review.

If you'd like me to evaluate or review your products, please know that I do NOT expect a full bottle; samples are enough, unless it's one of my already-tested, want-list items I'm already familiar with. 


If you plan to send me your samples and we've never been in touch, please note that: 

- I will probably offer to pay for shipping 

- I am under NO obligation to review if I can find nothing new, useful, or entertaining to say

- I manage my own deadlines and editorial calendar. Be willing to wait for the right timing and review angle for your product. 

Last, but not least, please note that I will not review products by companies or individuals who propagate unethical practices, discrimination, or hate

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